“I’ve got a one plan”
Uh, Uh
He rhapsodized
No oh
“I’ll be a king, mom!
Uh…Be canonized!”
She patronized.

And the fools came around like:
“Uh, you want it all
But you got no clue
You want the world
Oh, be disabused!
Cause he’ll be a pawn
And refrains to lose like”

Uh Uh Uh

And it felt like fire
When he moved

Uh uh uh ah

His mother falls down
As he’s crowned a gold crown
And the crowd bows down:

“Your kingly words, sir?”
“Go turn the urns on”

And all the fools are begging like:

“Uh, you’ve got it all!
Oh please excuse me!
We’ll kneel and crawl,
Even kiss your shoes”
The king withdrawals
With a last amusement

Uh uh uh

“Does it feel like fire
When you move?”
( X 2)

Uh uh uh ah

The heads are
All rolling
God save the King

His hounds are
All howling
For a bloody meal

In choir
The crowd sings
Songs about his glories

You took him
For granted
You better kneel.

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